RFID Warehouse Tracking System

RFID is a revolution for warehouse operations, increasing inventory management and efficiencies at every stage of the process. RFID will give you end to end tracking from the moment it enters the warehouse.

A shipment arrives at the warehouse.
An RFID tag is attached to the shipment or tagged to individual items.
As the item goes through different processes in the warehouse, the RFID tag will track and store the item’s information in its internal memory.
The warehouse management system analyzes and tracks the data as the item progresses through the warehouse.

Compared with the current warehouse industry standard barcode system tracking, RFID eliminates the manual scanning of items using of line of sight scanners and reading equipment. An RFID ready warehouse tracking system will be able to can and catalogue items remotely and simultaneously. Compared with the barcode system, RFID will greatly improves efficiency and accuracy of inventory management.

Reducing Human Errors in Warehouse Operations

RFID tracking is an automated process which will eliminate the risks of human errors that may occur in warehouse using barcodes. This automated process that RFID can provide will drastically reduce warehouse operation costs at it increases accuracy and streamline worker efficiencies. By providing pinpoint tracking the moment an item or shipment enters the warehouse to the the point where it leaves, workers can save hours of time and increase productivity finding item locations instantly and accurately.